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Setting capabilities for Browserstack Browser (screen resolution)


is there a way to set additional capabilities except just choosing the Browser/Version/OS via TestProject?

Browserstack allows to set more capabilities like screen resolution of the device on which the test will be executed.

Best regards,


Hi, thanks for reaching out.
You can easily change the screen size in run-time, please read the following article:

Thank you.
But I want to set the screen resolution of the Device on which the Browser of Browserstack ist running.
As BrowserStack uses 1024x768 devices from default if you don’t change it by setting capabilities.
As a result there are Buttons outside the window I can’t click on as the application doesn’t scale well.

Hi Dennis, that can work, just add that step as a first step ( The set window size step).
It will change the resolution of the execution.

Unfortunately its not working. But thanks anyway!