Set up and Execution from own remote testing web server / hosting (NOT FROM LOCAL MACHINE)

**I don’t want to use a service like Sauce Labs or BrowserStack. **
I want to set up and integration our own remote testing web server / and execution the TestProject.
NOT FROM LOCAL MACHINE like: Windows, Linux,MacOS.
Is there a way to do this on the TestProject?

Hi @atai.rabbi,
You can definitely set up an agent on a remote server and use this server for your test executions.
For web simply install an agent on any machine or virtual machine of your choice Windows,Linux,macOS and even a docker.
Once the agent is set up there, download all of the browsers you wish to test Chrome,Edge,Firefox, etc… and the agent will be able to support them out of the box. Once this agent is registered to your account you will be able to use it for executions. If the system has the hardwell to handle more workers then a single Agent can also run up to 10 executions simultaneously.

For mobile you can do the same with minor difference start up all the emulators you wish to test on the target server, or connect physical devices to that server for your executions.
You can repeat this process as many times as you need until you have adequate coverage of browsers or mobile devices.

Find more info here:

Hi @Amit.Lacher, thanks for your comment.

I already know this process. I don’t wanna setup / integrate the agent on any Local Windows, Linux, macOS Machine.

Because, the test execution run, only when those machines are open.

So, I wanna set-up an agent or integration to my own Web-Server / Hosting.
Please, let me know if there is any way to do it.

Hi @atai.rabbi,
Can you explain exactly what you mean by Web-Server/Hosting?
The servers will either be Linux/Windows/macOS machines so it would allow you to set up an agent there.
Can you elaborate what you are trying to achieve? what do you mean by “my own integration”?

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