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Set application URL for jobs

If I click on the edit button for a test I can change which application it’s using.

For jobs I can’t select an application to use, I have to get around this by one of the below:

  • Duplicate the tests and change the application
  • Use a data source
  • From applications change the URL

Currently I’m using the 2nd option to get around it, but it feels like it would be more convenient to just have a dropdown option for the job itself or the tests within jobs.


Hello @henry.parker,

When you change the application in the test, it will automatically change the application for the test in the job as well if they are the same test. May I ask what exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to use a different application for the test in the job and a different application for the test itself?

Hi @itamar.klein

So we have 3 environments: dev, pre-production, live. Dev is the most up-to-date with regular development/testing, and pre-production is where our release candidate is and goes through final checks before being released live.

Dev is the default test application and what I use for most of my testing. What I would like to do is be able to duplicate a few core jobs and then change these to point to pre-production so I can re-run the tests for that environment. Whilst we don’t usually have things break during the deploy process, it would give some extra confidence here, and also splits up the reports between environments.

I hope this clarifies on the use case here?


I understand. I will suggest this to the dev team but in your case indeed the best option for you is to use the data source and perform data driven testing, in which you can execute your test on different environments and different parameter’s values.