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Sending UTC current time to a field


In my solution on VS I use the following code to enter current time as a value as value has to be unique.


I am trying to do this with testproject and reading the docs there is an add on “Date-Time Operations Addon” which I have installed. When I start recording and hit double shift on this cell to create a new parameter which will allow this action I cannot see any action relating to date/time in the options menu available?

How would I invoke this or is there any other available add ons that would generate a random string for example ?

When I debug and run this step the add on I have installed the option is just not on the list?


Hi @Jambo1972
You can use the action get current date time with time zone and put UTC

then use the type text action with the same parameter

Please let me know if that helped you .

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Thanks Tal.

I thought the action was all wrapped up in the one step. Thanks for your help.


@Jambo1972 Happy to help

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