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Selenium WebElement.getText() on bootstrap dropdown items not working

I’m trying to get the text for each list item in bootstrap buttonDropdown.

When I invoke getText() on the dropdown element’s list items the string I get is empty, even though I know I have the right anchor tag elements, since when I run JavaScriptExecutor the correct strings are returned.

List<WebElement> dropdownItemsAnchors = buttonDropdownContainer.findElements(By.xpath("./ul//li//a"));

prints empty string.

JavascriptExecutor jsDriver = (JavascriptExecutor)getDriver(); String item = (String)jsDriver.executeScript("return arguments[0].innerHTML", dropdownItemsAnchors.get(0)); System.out.println(item);
prints correct string however.

Try clicking on the button dropdown first, then search for child elements.

should work.

They probably don’t exist for selenium before you click on their parent