Selecting a DIV inside a panel that contains a specific text

I have an accordion that opens a specific list of DIVs with text that indicate options available to move the next page.

How do select one of the Childs DIVs based on a text that is parameterised in the test step?

…basically I am looking to be able to click on an element based on the text it has.

You can use parameters in the selector. I like to move this into a separate Test Step.
For example, I would have a Test Step called Select Element With Text, and this Test Step would have take an input parameter called ElementText.

Within Select Element With Text, you would have one step, which will click an element called Dynamic Element With Text, the xpath would look something like //div[.='{ElementText}'] where {Element Text} is the input parameter you passed in.

So from your main test, you would call Select Element With Text, pass in the text of the option you want to click, and it will click on that div.