Select Dropdown option while dropdown is closed

How I select a dropdown option without having to open the dropdown. is this possible?

Hi @dmzar, and welcome to our community.

It is not possible if the elements on the app are not visible and not accessbile because if the dropdown option is not exposed and the element is not visible on the screen, the recorder cannot locate it.
However, if they are not visible but accessible, it is possible to achieve that.

Hi Alex

Apparently it can be done - this line will select the Once-Off option in the dropdown field without having to expose the dropdown.

Select the “8: Once-Off” option in Primary Goal Expenses Frequency Select .

Thank You.

Thank you for letting me know about it.
So it depends on the application you are working on if the elements there developed in some way that they are not visible but they are accessible, so it is possible to locate the options in the dropdown list.