Security Questions - Private Content and 2FA


Would anyone be able to help clarify the following:

  1. Log in – is 2FA enabled.
  2. Can SSo be enabled, I don’t see anything on the site so assuming no.
  3. Under the terms of service it states you can set your content to be viewed publicly and provide links to the source code, so we need to make sure it has been set up not share (unless that is authorised) - How do I know if I have set my account up so that content CANNOT be shared publicly?

It would be great to get an answer to this as our company is reluctant to go ahead using TP unless we can get some clarity on teh above.

Many thanks

Hi @Jambo1972,
Currently SSO and 2FA are on our roadmap for 2022, in the meantime feel free to use our Google/Microsoft logins which are already implemented.
Regarding the terms of service, this section refers to shared addons, there is an option in TestProject to share an addon.
It does not apply to private addons are being used in the account.
Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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