Scroll window command is not working

Hello, about 4 months before whenever I record, the scroll window command was automatically there. But now it’s not. Due to this when a test case failed I can’t able to see the screenshot since it’s not scrolling. Is there anyway to activate to record scrolling too again?? I don’t know where I messed. I just want to record even the mouse scrolling.

Hi @Kakarot,

The automatic scroll recording is still there. I just verified that.
Please make sure that the record button is “ON” when you perform the scrolling.

Hi @amit.yahav ,

The record button is “ON” when I performed the scrolling but it’s not getting captured. Kindly help me bro. I have attached a screenshot too. Also I’m using Ubuntu desktop 20.04(linux). I have also tried on other system, but still I’m facing the same problem. Plz help bro.

Hi @Kakarot,

Can you please check if the automatic scroll recording is working on other websites?

@amit.yahav Yes. You’re right. The problem is with our web page and our front end team has cleared it. Now it’s fine. Thank you so much for your help.

That’s great, @Kakarot !
Glad I could help.

@Kakarot @amit.yahav Hi, how do I enable this feature?

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