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Script are failing for Mobile application on virtual Agent

So here I am trying to execute my script for mobile application on virtual agent for android 10 emulator or higher version of android emulator which is failing each time but with same script its completely executing on my real device which is of android 10 when its connected to my desktop.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Hi @sony

What do you mean by a Virtual Agent? The agent is running in a VM?
What is the error you see when you try to execute your test using the emulator?

Hi @marat
Victual agents provides virtual Emulators . It can easily Execute test script or jobs on a variety of remote cloud browsers or devices, while using any of your TestProject Agents.

I see timeout exception every time when I click to any filter values from my device application.

So you are using the Virtual Agent and running tests on BrowserStack / SauceLabs?
Please post the step details and a screenshot or the text of the exception you see.