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Screenshot taken during step execution

Hi, while executing test steps screenshot are taken immediately after performing the action without waiting the page is loaded completely, is there a way to instruct the system to take steps screenshots only after page is completely refreshed ?

Hello @mbertol4
You can add validation before the screenshot action that waits until it’s on the page.
You can use validation options:

When you are on the element with the mouse, double click on Shift, and the menu will open for you.

This will wait until the condition you used ready for it (up to 15 seconds by default - can be changed in the test settings -Adaptive wait)

Only after the element is present, it will proceed to the next step which will be the screenshot step
Let me know if this solved your issue.

Fine, that means anyway and additional step needs to be added after the original action.

You do not always have to use it, only if you want to wait directly for the element that appears to know that you are on a particular page as in your case