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Screenshot of notification bar

I’m just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way getting a screenshot of the notification bar at the top of the mobile screen. It doesn’t seem to be recognised as an element. I wanted to know if I could assess whether airplane mode icon was present or not?
Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 11.18.51

I’m using the codeless record function at the moment to try and take a screenshot, but it can’t get it to include the notification bar.

Hello @raytoncb.

If you swipe down on the notification bar, there is a chance the element will be recognized and you’ll be able to take a screenshot using the ‘Take Element Screenshot’ element action.


And the result would be:

You can also use the ‘Is Airplane Mode enabled?’ action or the ‘Set the Airplane Mode state’ action to work with Airplane mode on your device.


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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I’m using an S6 and when you swipe down from the notification bar, those icons don’t stay :frowning:

I’ll give the other way a try.

Thanks again. :+1:

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