Scheduled jobs malfunctioning

I am facing the following issue and the support team has not answered over a week, If anyone know please help!

  • jobs are being unscheduled

  • It is not possible to schedule that job again

  • Some jobs are running after being unscheduled

  • Some jobs are running twice

  • Not possible to run that job even manually

  • Not possible to delete the jobs

I am having these issues for many days, can you please check this @testproject


yeah I’ve been having this issue for over a week and test project have not replied to me, either in this foum or through the contact us feature on the website :frowning:

I am seeing the same thing. I disabled the schedule for a job and it still keeps running according to the (disabled) schedule

We have had the similar issue - job runs 2x per night even though it is schedule for 1x per night.

I have the same issues :confused:

Hi everyone, some infrastructure issues in our data center causes all sorts of issues across the platform. We are migrating everything to a much better VPC, and these issues are expected to be solved once we are done. Doing our best to finalize everything by June.

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Okay ! Thanks for your anwser, all the best :wink: