Schedule job resets itself

On my project we use four TestProject jobs, each containing tests for a different platform of our application. I have set the job scheduler for each job to be run once per workday, on a certain time (different for each job).

Sometime between today and yesterday the scheduler just reset itself and not it shows no scheduled job is set (the icon is grey).

This has happened already second time. Previous occurrence was maybe one month ago, but since I couldn’t find out how it happened I dismissed it as a glitch and have re-set the scheduler for each job.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Hi @Bohdan ,

It happened because yesterday and also today the app was down the miscommunication came from this reason.
We are still investigating the issue and making sure it doesn’t happen in the future, we are moving our services to AWS when all our services will be there, the application will be much faster and much more stable, again sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi Alex,

I am kind of glad we know the cause and it’s being worked on. Thank you for quick reply and clarification!