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Scalability Testing

I need to create a test with, 1 or 2 demonstrable use of scalability in my testing. It was a task assigned.I don’t have any idea about it. Please guide me on it. Thanks

Hello @rohinithyagarajan199,

There are different aspects of scalability,

One of these, being data driven testing, can be easily created using TestProject.

A single test can be executed dynamically with different values and as many times as there are rows in your CSV data source file by creating parameters in your test, and attaching the file.

See more details here:


Another form of scalability would be parallel testing,

You can use Docker with TestProject by utilizing the TestProject Docker Agent, an agent will be installed on each container, and you’ll be able to utilize them to execute multiple tests in parallel, as many as you have containers and agents running.

You can find more details in our DockerHub page:

Or by simply using the TestProject Virtual Agent, that will be added to your account after integrating with Sauce Labs or BrowserStack:

A third aspect of scalable testing, can be the organization of your tests.

TestProject provides a simple to use and organized repository for your tests, applications, data source files, parameters and elements within each created project, where you can create and manage your own folder hierarchy.