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Sauce Labs and iOS ipa for simulator and real devices

Hello, I was attempting to use Sauce Labs integrated with TestProject. I have been able to run my test on Android but I’m not sure how I can do this with iOS.

I have created and uploaded an ipa file that is set for simulator and can run the automation tests in Sauce Labs. The issue is I’m unable to run my tests in TestProject with physical device and this ipa.

I have uploaded my ipa to the application so I can run these tests in Sauce Labs. Creating another application to use with an ipa for real devices isn’t an option as the application is used on each test. There isn’t an easy way to keep the test updated as there are many tests in this project.

The question I have is there a way to create an app that I can use across both simulator and real devices as I need to switch back and forth from running tests in Sauce Lab (simulator) and then devices connected to TestProject.

Hello @stuarttrombley
That is a good point.
We shall investigate the possibility of adding an automatic switch for the correct IPA according to the target device (Simulator or Physical).