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Salesforce CPQ recording locators and how we can improve our E2E tests when we have dynamic elements

Hello, community and I hope you all are well.

We are using the Test Project to create E2E tests, based on a test that groups together several subtests to test a functional Sales flow in the Salesforce CPQ product. We are using the Test Project in a codeless way, without programming code to add to our tests (we are only using the web part and not the code implementation as part of our challenge).

Salesforce CPQ manages most elements/objects dynamically and, from experience, we cannot use CSS Selectors because the fields have Ids that are always changing. With these experiences in mind, we have been using Xpath (also some Xpath functions, for example, // span [contains (text (), ‘SelectionName’)]). But when we have a product that is having some file-level changes with changing the location of fields or adding new fields to screens or forms, this is becoming a great time to prevent scripts from failing.

Also, we are experiencing some random failing behaviours when we run the tests in the E2E perspective (grouping the sub-tests). When we run the tests isolated, for example, executing just one sub-test, they pass without any problem. Does anyone have this kind of behaviours? How was your approach to fix it?

Here I ask some questions that I would like to know in the community, how are your experiences using the Test Project and if you have also had more complex challenges to overcome.

Does anyone have experiences to share, have some types of behaviours like ours in your experiences or have tips or tricks that we can apply to our improve challenge?

To increase stability in the automated tests, is there anyone who is using code to complement the running mode?

From a full execution perspective for running tests using the Test Project Job component, is anyone using this approach to running E2E tests by grouping the subtest in Job? What your experience has been with this approach, do we save time in executing the scripts?

Thank you very much in advance for your help and your shared experiences.

Keep safe and well

use recording locators and how we can improve our E2E tests when we have dynamic Elements