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Running tests in ADO Pipeline with Agent V3

We are running tests using the new version of Agent 3.0.0 and SDK 1.2.3-RELEASE, im able to run the same tests using testng configured tests in my local IDE but when running using ADO pipeline we face the issue as below and we have updated all our drivers in our ado agent pool and installed 3.0.0 version as provided in below documents but we still face this issue. I remember this was not an issue with v2 but at this point of time we can not go back to v2.

Caused by: io.testproject.sdk.internal.exceptions.AgentConnectException: Agent responded with status 500: [Attention! The Selenium driver that exist in the TestProject Agent folder is missing, or outdated and incompatible with your browser version.
To fix the issue, please make sure that your Agent is registered and that you have an active internet connection.
If you are working OFFLINE or with a non-registered TestProject agent, you can update the Selenium driver manually by replacing it with a new version of the Selenium web driver in the agent�s folder.
You can find more details on how to do so in the following article:Unregistered/Offline Agent - TestProject Documentation]


Is your Agent registered or not?
If it is, try deleting the whole deps folder so that it will download all the required files again.

Please send us your Agent logs via Intercom attaching your Agent logs so that we can review the actual reason for the error 500 and propose a solution.

Also, please send screenshots listing files in the driver’s folder.

@marat its not we are using SDK with offline mode(Unregistered). Sure we will give a try thanks

@marat Its worked we had to manually update the deps folder and agent did not auto download the required files. We had to place the drivers folder from my local laptop into the server and its worked so looks like this deps folder did not had the latest version of web drivers. thanks !

Right, an unregistered Agent can’t download the dependencies automatically but it can be done manually:

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