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Running tests automatically

Hi, i have created several tests for my app and i release new version of app frequently and deploy new version to production on Google Play. So, i need these tests to run automatically on new version of app
as i deploy new version to Google Play. is there any way of doing this?

Hello @emanatpluss,

You could achieve this using our public API, the flow will be like this:

  1. First you need to make a request to get the upload link for your new APK, using this endpoint:
    TestProject API v2
  2. Then you need to make a PUT request to the URI that you got from the previous endpoint, and attach the new APK in the body of the request.
  3. You can verify that the application was updated using this endpoint:
    TestProject API v2

Now after the application is updated, every test that uses that application will now use the updated application.

You could implement this flow as part of your regular version releases, to do that automatically you can create a script that will do those requests as part of your process of releasing the new version.