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Running Testproject in offline mode

Hello Team,

I have tested some basic testcases in testproject and found it to be really useful.
My next requirement is to test my internal portal which are not exposed to internet using testproject. Here are some challenges which I see:

  1. For recording a testcase, we need access to testproject URL (https://app.testproject.io/)which is not possible in our intranet.

  2. Is agent registration necessary to run testcases which is again not possible due to above reason.

  3. Do we need continuous connection with testproject agent to run our testcases. OR Is it possible to run testcases from testproject CLI without an agent’s registration ?

Just to summarize I need to use testproject for validation of our internal portal and for security reasons we cant provide information in the testproject URL. Is there a way to setup it in offline mode so that it doen’t have any dependence on URL (https://app.testproject.io/).

Hi, as for 2, 3 the agent registration or internet connection is NOT required to run exported tests cases locally via CLI tool. Just download and install the agent and you ready to go.

To export tests simply select the save test as files, then select the download as “Test Package” checkbox. Test package will include all of the dependences needed for test to run offline (test, data sources, addons,etc)

If the agent is not registered the test reports will be created locally as HTML files inside the agent folder

For recording the test, indeed you need to have access to the app.testproject.io to be able use the online editor (recorder), since the recorder is running inside of your chrome browser locally all of the local web sites and resources will be avilbale for testing.

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Thanks for the information. :+1: :+1: