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Running test in private or incognito mode

so basically I created a test, it passes in chrome but fails in Safari
I connected and shared my test with someone from the mobile test team
they can run my test in Safari with no issues
after a few hours of troubleshooting
the only thing that we can see that is different is that he is running 14.0.1 and I am on 0.2

I wanted to try and test in Safari private mode
I know that the test is recorded in incognito mode on Chrome

I just don’t know how to configure the test so that it will run in private mode, just want to rule out all situations that could be causing my test not to run on my local but able to run on others

Thanks :grin:

Hello @codinggrandma,

Can you please tell me what is the failure message of the test execution?

Have you enabled remote safari automation on your local browser?
If not, you can simply do it by the following:

open Safari > click Develop > Allow Remote Automation in the menu bar.

Generally, by default, all execution sessions for each browser start in private mode, you are given a clean session, no previous data is included.

Hi Meidan,

That is actually one of the first things that Piyush and I checked once my test passed on his agent.
We cleared my cache and even recorded another test.
We went in and changed the time for the action, and re-configured the xPath.

We worked on it for almost two hours, on Thursday.
The only thing we found different, was our Safari version.

Talked with Karen and she said that she was willing to set up a time for you to work with us.
Both of us are available tomorrow after 2 pm EST if that works for you.

Thanks so much for all your help.

attached you will find the log files that Piyush had me download last week.
I have also attached the report from both mine and Piyush’s test.

As you can see from my test, it will not go past the login.
I even created a new test, that just tested the login, and it will fail at the login step.
Which is step # 3.
We changed the time, looked at the xPath, and modified some of the elements.

It will not go past step # 3 on my agent.

Ramona Saintandre

(Attachment logs.zip is missing)

(Attachment piyush Bug535112-Test-Report-31-12-2020+05-55-54-full (1).pdf is missing)

(Attachment Ramona Bug535112-Test-Report-31-12-2020+05-57-30-full.pdf is missing)

Hi Meidan,

I got a message back rejecting my attachments.
Is there a place where I can share these log files with you.
Also talking with Karen, she stated that 2pm tomorrow would be to late your time.

Piyush and I will be available Friday morning
9:30 or 11:00am will work for us.

Thanks so much .

Ramona Saintandre

Dear Ramona,

Thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile: You can send the attachments directly to me or to our support email at support@testproject.io.

As for scheduling the call - Sure, let’s meet on Friday at 9:30 AM EST.
Could you send me a private message over LinkedIn with both your email and Piyush’s email? I’ll make sure we send you a calendar invite with a Zoom link for the Friday meeting.

Talk to you soon :slight_smile: