Running Parallel Tests

Due to using the same function and data, I’ve factorized a few functions and have created a batch job that runs 3 scripts on a singular browser type(ie Chrome only. No IE, Edge or Firefox):
a) Login (A)
b) Process Data (B)
c) Logout (C)

Both Login and Logout has predefined data. But the Process Data script is processing data based on a data source.
So, the basic order using the Serial execution is

Login -> Process Data (until the end of the source) -> Logout.

(thinking back, I could probably merge them all into Script B; just calling A and C and the start and end respectively, but the flow should remain the same: I dont want to have multiple duplicates of the login data in my datasource )

I am able to set (up to) 4 agents, based on recommendation.

I’ve been reading the documentation on Parallel execution recently and from what I understand from the document, if I were to select the Run both browsers & tests in parallel option, this is how it’s expected to run:

(And I’ve made a sample run…well…there were issues.)

What I wanna ask: is it possible to make it so that it runs more like this?:

As Script C and especially B is dependent on Script A.

Basically, I want:
Login(A) to run once
→ Process Data(B) to run all the data in its data source parallelly (eg. 3 jobs worth 10 data as opposed to 10 jobs worth 10 data)
→ Logout(C) to run once.

Hi @erik.yeow,
You can separate your test into multiple tests.
Then, put the tests inside a job.
Lastly, create a data source for each test.

But that’s literally exactly what I’m doing now though.

Scripts A, B, C are 3 separate test scripts, grouped as one job. B is the only one with a datasource; A and C has hardcoded input data defined.

Case in point, the actual job in question:

(as mentioned in the OP about the sample run, note the red results)

Further checking, why cant we uncheck ‘Restart the browser before each test’ when the Run both browsers & tests in parallel option is selected?

Hi @erik.yeow,

If executed in parallel (browsers and tests) - all tests will be executed on all defined browsers in parallel. If a test has a data source, all data iterations (data source row) will run at the same time as well.

But can I make it so that only the test with the data source runs in parallel while those without runs serial?

Also, can I uncheck ‘ Restart the browser before each test ’? This option seems to be compulsory if Run both browsers & tests in parallel option is selected.

Currently, both options are not available.
We will update you if there is an update to this topic.