Running multiple simultaneous instances of exported test

Setup: 2 tests exported to C#. Both tests interact with a web app in the same area. For example, test 1 interacts with the web app as user 1 starting job 1; test 2 does the same for user 2 and job 2. This accurately represents how the system is actually used (although with many more users). I run the C# apps simultaneously. When I do this, it seems to confuse the TestProject Agent. Does the TestProject Agent support this kind of interaction?

Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

Don’t think it supports multiple instances on one agent. I’d recommend using multiple agents if possible. Or maybe some fancy tab switching.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up spinning up a couple of VMs, put the agent on each, and registered each agent against TP. This seems to be working although at times (after a checkpoint/snapshot restore of the VM) the Agent loses its connection and has to be restarted. TP still shows the agent as registered in these cases. It’s a bit heavy weight and won’t scale very well but works.