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Running more Agents in parallel

Given: Linux Server (Ubuntu)
Wanted: n Agents running in parallel (in docker) with running browsertests on browserstack
Question: is it possible just to run and register these n agents (permanently) on the Linux machine or is there s.th. that we have to look for?


Hello @uc-it
You can run those n agents with the docker-compose like it states in our docker hub - https://hub.docker.com/r/testproject/agent

In each container running an agent, give it an TP_AGENT_ALIAS variable so they will remain
registered permanently, and also give them a local volume on the Linux Machine to keep all the agent files.

Run all the containers to create the agents.
Now set up all the Jobs you want to run on those docker agents, set them up to run on BrowserStack.
Edit the YAML files on each agent will run which job in the TP_JOB_ID variable.

Now when you execute those Jobs, they will run on those docker agents, each job will run on the corresponding agent you stated in the YAML file.
And they will run in parallel.

This is the solution if you are set on docker, you can also just use virtual agents to run parallel executions on BrowserStack without the hassle of spinning up the containers and editing the YAML files with the information needed.

How do I setup multiple Jobs in the compose file

For example…I have tet job 1 test job 2…test job 3 etc

And I want to run all 3 jobs in sequence for that agent