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Running jobs on different agents

We have a ‘job’ set up to run a series of tests on our dev/staging/prod environments.
And our developers all have testproject agents, but when ever we want to run a job, we have to edit the job, set the agent to our own agent, then run. If you forget to edit, you end up running it on someone eases agent

Is there a way to choose the agent just when you run it? Or default it to the logged in users agent?

Hello @jon.shutt
When you set up the job, you select the default agent it will run on.

If that agent is not available, the job will not execute.

Sure, but this means when different want to run the tests on their own agent, they have to keep editing the job. Whereas for individual tests, we can choose the agent each time you run them

That is correct.
You can use the API to execute the Jobs and have a list of agents to run them on.
Here are API documentation: https://api.testproject.io/docs/v2/#/
You can see the Run Job endpoint and all the parameters you can adjust.