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Running Job / Test from dashboard display steps in a banner


Is it possible when running a job and also test from the dashboard to display a banner at the top of the page showing the test steps as it is progressing? I’ve setup my tests but sometimes they fail and need manual intervention (dynamic changes). When I run the job or test I can’t see what steps it is doing. Instead, it fails, I need to go to the reports to check what step it failed at, then open the test, make the changes, then save. 10 steps later it might happen again to a different area and I need to repeat the process.

If we had this ability I could take note of the changes required as it’s progressing, and manually navigate to the required section so that it will continue. Then do bulk changes at the end of the test. Hope this makes sense?

Hello @Lee.
That is a good suggestion, one we had before, and it is in the planning to be implemented.

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