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Running job on Safari provided by Browserstack results in WebDriverException on one specific test step

This issue seems similar to this one: Safari WebDriverException NoSuchSessionException

This issue is specific to Safari like the aforementioned issue. However, unlike that issue, the job runs perfectly fine, and even the test itself works correctly up until the specific step that causes the error.

Unfortunately, because this was done on the virtual agent provided by Browserstack, I can’t provide the agent logs for these test runs.

Hi, created a simple test on virtual agent → Browserstack ->Safari , seems to be working well.
I published the link to test you can download and try it out TestProject

Here is the job report

That eliminates general problem with virtual agent/browserstack/Safari.

Now, based on your error messages and the description of the problem you can try to reduce the speed of your test execution, to slow and the adaptive wait to 15 seconds. according to the error message it failed after 5 seconds maybe your website is loading slow on Safari?

if it doesn’t helps try to find the element with different locator strategy, in some rear cases Safari render the elements with different foot print on the page.

let me know if it helps