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Running generated code with eclipse java

hello @meidan.nasi @david.goichman
i have jdk 8
appium 1.10
and using eclipse and then maven project
i downloaded generated code both Appinum(OpenSdk v2) and tesproject sdk v1
i copied the generated code and pasted within the correct class(with correct class)
i cannot find complete dependencies

how will i run this code succefully

hello @ran.tzur tell me about this
how to get jar file for addons/how to add dependencies for addons

Hello @ahmad, for SDK1 you need to add the Java SDK jar to the project, you can download it from https://app.testproject.io/#/integrations/develop-addon.
In both cases you need to run Maven Install, and probably restart your IDE afterwards. In addition, you need to use Java version 11 or higher.