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Running anonymous jobs with Virtual Agent

I currently have a set of mobile tests written in pytest and tp opensdk. And I haven’t uploaded any of those tests to TestProject portal yet. Is it possible to trigger test execution on the Virtual Agent without explicitly uploading those tests as well as create a job for each test? Can those be achieved via TestProject API? Since I want to integrate the tests into my CI/CD pipeline, GUI interaction isn’t prefered.

Hello @phuhnguyen,

Currently, you cannot trigger local executions on the virtual agents that are provided by TestProejct platform using the TestProject openSDK,

In addition, the option to upload coded tests written in Python will be implemented in the near future.

You can reach a similar effect and integrate it with your CI/CD pipeline processes by running a TestProject Agent on a Docker container and then pull and run your coded tests on it.

You can find more details about it here: