Running agent as a service on win server?

Hi, is possible to somehow run a test agent as a service on a windows server machine?

We are using TestProject to run periodically test scenarious every 5 minutes using API to monitor the availability of web application. Our webservice calls the API to run test cases on registered agent installed on win server. The main problem is that there must be always running an agent under one specific user logged in the win server. This has a consequencies that for example after restart of win server we are not able run the test cases with this agent until the user logs in the server, because the registered agent always starts only after user logs in.

We were thinking about to create a windows service that could run TestProjectAgent.exe after windows bootup but we were not successfull to start agent that way.

Do you have any other suggestion how to run these monitoring test cases on a server with agent that would be always available even after system restart and that would be independent on users logged in to used machine?

Thank you.

Are there any ideas how to resolve this?