Run same test case multiple times in once

How can I run the same test case for 100 times in once?

Hi buddy do you get the solution.

Hi @Dumedya,

You have a few ways to run the same test multiple times:

  1. Create a job and add the same tests as many times as you want. Make sure to set the job with an agent that is capable to run in parallel. Once you start the job, the agent will execute the tests in it in parallel (limits to the number of workers you defined).

  2. Create a script that uses the TestProject API to execute the test that you want. Your script has to call this endpoint as many times as you want. If you uses an agent that is capable to run in parallel, you can run the test in parallel (again, limited to the number of workers)

  3. Attach a data source to your test with N entries (N is the number of iterations that you want). The test will run N times with the provided values in the data source

I hope my answer will help you. Please feel free to ask whatever you need.


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