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Run Multiple test cases in a job

I need to confirm if I picked the right approach for my regression suite :
I have 10 test cases, 1st is login rest 9 screen validations which have to run after login. To run all 10 one after another, I would need to create jobs?
JOB: LOGIN + 9 test cases. (to create a test suite)

Am I doing correctly? this is the only way to run a test suite? Any confirmation would be helpful. Thanks!

Hello and thanks for reaching out.

Have you considered data driven testing?
Place the test that performs the login first on the job.
If your validations are similar, this will save you the trouble of creating 9 different test cases:

Each row of the .csv file will be another execution, using the elements defined in it for your test.

If each of your validations requires more intricate steps and different actions to be performed on the page/application, then creating a test case for each one would be a good solution.

Hi David , The 9 test cases have different validations on different screens , The login id is same for all . just to save time, I am skipping login at each test ,instead I am refreshing the app( launch) . So my question is to run
Login +9 test cases ,i would have to create job ?
I actually tested by creating job and putting all 10 in a sequence,it worked fine but need to confirm if this was the only way to do .

You can create a job, or you can create a single test and insert the 9 validation tests you have created into that singular test by inserting them as steps:

But make sure to reset the app before doing them.

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Thanks David, good to know we can insert a test within test . I like to handle this by creating a job, its neat and that way incase of any failure it shows the exact step which i dont see in inserting a step . anyway Thanks for your help!