Run job by set agent in datasource

Can we run test/job based on agent using data sources ? is anyway to achieve it! Or we have to write new plugin to go for it?


Helps and ideas will be useful.

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Nithish U

Would it be better if I do this? use plugin (write)

Hey @nithish.u So if I understand this correctly, you want to run the job using different agents? I think the best way to do this is to again lean back to the APIs provided. We do use the API to run the pipeline jobs using a different agent(than the one attached to the job). Since agents are not inputs to a test, I fear using a plugin wont help your case either. Hoping someone else has helpful inputs for you.

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Yes U are right about on API.
But the client-side reqt. is attach the datasource from drive(Dynamic i/p).
Bcoz the thing is we asked to run the same job/test based on the coupe of different agent for UAT & DEV environment rspectively.

Anyway Sounds kitty :upside_down_face:

Clients are always providing tricky requirement :wink: But here, there are a few options. However, via Testproject, i guess your options are limited to either:

  1. Duplicating the same job and assigning it different agents
  2. You can use a web test in TP to access the datasource and then extract the agent id from inside the test. After that, you can trigger the job API with the agent id using the REST API add ons. This will in-effect trigger the jobs based on environment.

Or, you can always create a local script :smiley:

We have implemented the API option in our UAT and PROD environments. Thankfully we didnt have to read it from an excel, since we only had one agent per environmennt

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