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Run exported tests

I have a question, is it possible to run the tests created and exported by the test project without needing the agent? Or that at least it didn’t depend on the website’s online interface?
What I was thinking about was using the recorder to record the tests, export to selenium and run on a machine that only has selenium installed.
Is there anything in that direction? I appreciate the help

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Yes you can run in offline is several manners, hoover on test locate Save as File , the test will be downloaded in a yaml format.


Then use the CLI tool with the following command testproject-agent run MyTest.yaml

Note, you don’t need to register the agent in order to run the test, that means that you can install the agent in any offline/disconnected environment.

If the agent running in offline mode the reports will be created locally as HTML reports.
here you can read more about the CLI tool TestProject Agent CLI - TestProject Documentation

The second way to do it will be export the test to standard selenium code and run it with selenium web driver without the agent, but that then you wont be benefiting from the self-healing, adaptive wait and automation assistance tools that makes your tests more stable and running as part of the agent.

Thanks for your guidance, this is exactly what I was needing.