Robot Framework Appium

Hello~ I am new to TestProject. Currenly I am using Robot Framework to develop my Mobile Automation and it is running fine in my local with Appium Server.

If I want to run the script by using TestProject , does anyone know how to strat it?

I tried to use the keyword “Init Testproject Driver” , but seems it is not support Appium currently and only Web browsers (e.g. Chrome , Firefox, Edge…etc) are available.

Here is my code:

Open Mobile Application - TestProject
${desiredCapabilities} Create Dictionary url=${remoteUrl} platformName=${platformName} udid=${udid} appPackage=${appPackage} appActivity=${appActivity} automationName=UiAutomator2
Init Testproject Driver Android url=${remoteUrl} desired_capabilities=${desiredCapabilities} dev_token=mytoken

KeyError: ‘browserName’

I know that the variable “Android” is incorrect, but I dont know what varilable or keyword should I use.