Return single driver for both android and ios

See the image below where i create the driver based on the os type. but as u see it returns 2 different drivers based on os type. In this case, i need to create test using both the drivers to run in android and ios.
for. e.g.“button”) - a step in a method for android device.“button”) - same step for ios device.

I want it to return just one object,so it can perform the actions on both the android and ios devices.
e.g.“button”) - works on both android and ios whatever os type we set before starting test.

Any idea on this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @megaqa123,
Android and iOS work differently.
For this reasons you will sometimes be able to use the same actions for both operating systems and in others you can use the same one.

Thanks for the reply @ran.ferdinaro . But I’m looking to use the same driver for both the platform like how SeeTestAutomation is working. In SeeTestAutomation we can just create one client which will work on both android and ios.

for. eg.
Client client = new Client(localhost, 8888, true);


If u see above, we have a same client(driver) which works on both the platforms. I’m expecting like this one. Thanks in advance.

Hi @megaqa123,
You can create such methods to do this.
Currently, it is not in our roadmap; however, I will let you know if this is added to it.