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Retrieved the full data using APIs

Hi there!

I am quite new on Test Project and not really a technical guy^^.

I would like to use Test Projects APIs to send the data to our Dashboarding tool (Power BI).

It’s quite easy to retrieve specific data using Test Project guidelines, but I would like to know if there is any script or action to retrieve the whole data from Test Project, as there are many different apis and it will be very fastidious to use them 1 by 1 for a global export…

A huge thanks in advance & sorry if this topic has already been raised (did not see but I may be wrong) :slight_smile:


Hello @jgaggero,

May I ask what exactly do you refer as the “whole data”?
Currently there isn’t such action, but we could implement something like this, if you specify the relevant data that is needed.

Hi @artem.kuznetsov ,

Very sorry for the very very late answer^^

Actually we plan to retrieve all the tests results in Power BI to have more customized dashboards.
Therefore, the idea would be to be able to retrieve all infos related to :

  • Application
  • Executions
  • Jobs
  • Projects
  • Reports
  • Tests

Please let me know if you need any extra detail :slight_smile:

Thank you!!