Restricted Job over Sauce lab

I am running my job over sauce lab ,the job consist more than 20 test cases, hence the execution time is around 45 mins. The issue I am seeing is Sauce lab has a session limit of 30 mins, hence its not executing beyond that threshold but Test project is marking my test cases as passed even its not run.
1 . How can I extend the Sauce lab sessions from Test project ?
2. Why the test cases are marked as passed when they got skipped at sauce lab ?

Please find their response below :
"The default max duration a test can run on Sauce Labs is set to a default value of 1800 seconds (30 minutes). You have the option to override this default value by setting a different value in the maxDuration capability. (max allowed is 10800 seconds (3 hours). Is there a reason you have your test session set up to run past 30 minutes? We generally recommend shorter test.