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Rest API testing for different applications

Hi Team,
I want to perform Rest API Testing using TestProject for my application. But mentioned API in documentation are of TestProject APIs.

Example: There is CreateOrder API for test application. I need to execute that api using TestProject, how to do that? for this, I need inputs as

  1. Url – this I can give in Test step
  2. Headers - API-Key, Authorization, Content-Type ---- Where to add authorization key and how to get that for CreateOrder API using TestProject


Hello @preeti.prayag and thanks for reaching out.

We have an addon named: “RESTful API Client”.

It contains various actions to perform POST,GET,DELETE requests etc.

A more detailed guide can be found here:

@david.goichman - Thanks for quick response. I have already installed Rest API client and gone through the mentioned documentation, but still its not clear.

I need understand how to set up data for headers…
I need to add Authorization key for our application API- I am not able understand where to add it.

Can you please help me with this?


The authorization key can be added in the headers tab, see the following:

This should apply to all types of authentication/authorization.