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Response 201 when queueing Jobs through the TestProject API [SOLVED]

When a job is running currently, and we trigger another job to the same agent.
Response says - 201, (This response code is undocumented in TestProject API)

But even after current job finishes the job which I triggered later doesn’t runs.

Please help.

Regards Virendra


same here…also happening in my end…please help if this is a bug

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Hi @vkumarsingh11 , @jchan
You are right 201 is undocumented I will add this as an improvement, (Ticket - 16449)
201 states that the agent was busy so the execution was queued, the job was indeed queued however there is currently an issue with starting queued job, this is under investigation and there is a ticket open for that (ticket - 16382) I will let you know once it’s resolved.

Hi @Amit.Lacher

This is much appreciated…we usually queue our test jobs in different vms but right now we do it manually by waiting each test job to finish before firing another test job via the api

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Thanks @Amit.Lacher , eagerly waiting for the resolution.

Hi @jchan @vkumarsingh11,
The issue has been identified and resolved. 201 is now documented in our swagger at:

Also queued jobs should immediately start when agent workers are available.

Hi @Amit.Lacher
Issue still persist, the queued job is not running after first job completed

@Amit.Lacher I’ve figured out the next behaviors:

  1. When two jobs triggered to run one by one with short interval (~5s) : the first job started and retrieves the state: “Executing”, the second one appeared in UI, retrieves the state “Executing” and started right after first completed.

  2. Starting 2 jobs with extended interval ~10s : the first job executing but the second one stucked with status “Ready”, not visible in UI and not running when the second one completed