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Reports > Summary Report > Show URL of failed test?

I have built my first effective test. And I want to run it through the night and present the results to my team tomorrow.

The only obstacle I have is the Summary Report does not seem to show the page under test at the time of fail (I am using a data source to test many pages for particular criteria, the failed ones will need to be updated to meet the criteria).

Ideally, I want to be able to present a list of all the pages that require attention (have the above criteria attended to) which in this case would be a concise list of URLs (and perhaps a description (or a link to the description) of the failing criteria)

Thoughts on reports? have I missed a feature in this area? or am I attacking the problem wrong?

You use our swagger to request for the report using our external API endpoints:
To get the data in json or junit format and then you will have easier access to the manipulate the data if needed.
You can use the Get job execution latest report here:
Let me know if that helps.