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Reports not showing

Hey guys and gals,

i’ve been using testproject for a while now without any problems, but as off today i can no longer see my testreports in the reports section. Also deleting reports gives me an error message.
Does anybode else have the same problem?


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Same here reports are not showing :cold_sweat:

Hey guys, thanks for reaching out.
We are aware of the issue and it was resolved so everything is back to normal now.

Fortunately, our userbase is growing exponentially, and looking forward, our teams are performing some maintenance operations on the infrastructure to provide our community the best possible experience. In the following week or so, we will take some actions to enhance performance and make the platform that much greater.

During this maintenance, you might experience some slowness and minor glitches in the platform. I promise that once we are done, it will be better than ever before.


Hello. I am currently having this issue now. I am new to TestProject and started with no problems but the reports seem to stop showing up at some point. Is there a problem with TestProject or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.