Reports not posting to Dashboard due to ReportsQueue has been pending

How do I clear ReportsQueue in order to clear the queue? I get below error in Jenkins console logs and I don’t see any reports from last one day even though execution is done. Could you please help ?

INFO ReportsQueue There are [1] outstanding reports that should be transmitted to the Agent before the process exits.

Hi @Vinit,
Does the the execution end successfully?
Does this error is not preventing from your build to pass correctly?
If it’s happening frequently please contact our team
Let me know if you managed.

Hi @Amit.Lacher , The Jenkins build fails with this error and no log reports are pushed to the Reporting Dashboard of the TestProject. This is happening for every Jenkins build.

Sure, I can contact the support email id.

Hi @Vinit,
Please enable the “verbose” option on the jenkins TestProject plugin options,
And then send us the full build logs.
Thanks for contacting our support team :slight_smile:

I am using Jenkins with Test project dockers. The code is developed in Selenium BDD with Test Project open sdk.

Hi @Vinit,
Thanks for sharing the the workflow, can you please enable the “verbose” option on your Jenkins TestProject plugin in the Jenkins settings? and then send us the Jenkins build logs?
Also can you please share the agent logs as described here: TestProject Agent Logs | TestProject Help Center
We are waiting for the information at

@Amit.Lacher I have shared the local agent logs, Jenkins build console logs on the support email.

Thanks @Vinit,
We will contact you soon :slight_smile:

@Amit.Lacher I have shared more details on the Support email. Also, my team members are also facing this issue on their local agents.

Hi @Vinit,
Please follow this article:

Let me know if that solved your issue.

@Amit.Lacher I had tried this solution “Delete temporary agent files” last week as per suggestion from Test Project support team in the chat intercom. But, still I was facing this issue of ReportsQueue.

we found that even after deleting the TestProject containers, images, logs on Jenkins server, we continue to observe the issue of an outstanding report been stuck in the queue, before being transmitted to the agent.

Could you please help ?

Hi @Vinit,
What other plugins are running in your jenkins other then TestProject?

There are multiple plugins installed like AWS, Blue ocean etc. as our Jenkins is used by multiple other products team.

Note: I am using traditional Jenkins pipeline job as suggested in the Test Project documentation for Open Java SDK.

Hi @Vinit, Is it possible to set up an additional (temporary) Jenkins instance and try to reproduce the issue there? The errors comes from the ReportsQueue which is a Jenkins module as far as we know. This suggests that the agent that is mentioned in the error is a Jenkins agent and not a TestProject agent.

Sure, @eldar. I will check on this.