Reports not getting generated

In my case the android report is not generated =( I’ve tried it now

web reports are not generated . can anyone help me please or recommend any suggestion .

i’ve tried web test and TP generated report for web, but i added web hook for Slack and via message i opened report. For android web hook is not working =( I mean, report is not generated

ooooooooooooooo for Android test, the repots is working now =))) NICE!

my web reports are still not generates :sob:

@eldar please resolve the issue

Hmmm… try to add web hook for Slack and add this web hook in ur job and try it again

can you please tell how to add slack web hook in my test jobs . @1wolfgang555

  1. Open Integrations interface → Web Hook + Slack interface → Add to Slack button and add in ur slack channel (but u need to first downloads this app on ur pc and create channel for TP)
  2. Click on mail button in ur job in the Project interface → Click on Select Web Hook button and add ur added Slack

Did you got the success msg after running job on slack and got the latest reports for web ? @1wolfgang555

Yes, when I wrote about it above

Now, there are generated reports for web platforms

hi @hur_2 : At least our Docker Agent based automated jobs and other web test based jobs are now working as expected.

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