Reports not getting generated

Reports are not getting generated for the test cases I am running from today morning. Till yesterday everything was working fine. The test cases run smoothly but it does not show up in the report


Same like me, do you know what could be the reason behind -

same issue with me, it just suddenly stops generating report

2022-06-24 05:30:22.126 ERROR pool-3-thread-4 i.t.a.b.a.d POST - 500 (Xdsffdfa): Unable to save report

Still facing the issue @Amit.Lacher, can you please suggest a remedy? I am using the latest testproject agent.

if you hit the reports api endpoint, you can generate the latest run in pdf etc

Yes I have a similar issue with scheduled runs not showing in reports.

When I manually run a test, I hit the following end point :-


This returns all correct data. However if I schedule the test and this is automated this end point does not seem to update with the new report. I have tested this in the docs sandbox and this also shows the last manual report not the automated scheduled run?

I’m also facing the same issue. Reports not getting generated from Yesterday.

We are facing the same issues for our Automation jobs run. The job can be triggered and run to 100%, but NOT generate test reports and the webhook also did NOT send any notification.

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@eldar please look into this issue and resolve it asap . thanks

This does not work for scheduled jobs, Do you have any suggestions for Scheduled Jobs @robbie ?

Same for us. Our automated Docker Agent based test job is not producing now an end report. Our last successful report produced on 26.09.2022. For the latest run I monitored the complete flow during the run in Monitor, it ran through on all test cases but in the end there is nothing new among the reports of the connected job.

Tried with multiple agent types (Windows, Linux, Docker - all version 3.5.0) with multiple jobs. With all the end result is the same: Test running well, reports are gone in the end.

Maybe the following log part shows what is happening. (Taken from a Linux agent’s terminal). All the 3 reporting tryouts ended with 503. I hope that it is a help for TestProject side and can be fixed somehow.

For me, some jobs are generating reports and some are not!

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Any one found any work around of this issue .

I am also facing same issue. Unable to get the Reports for the executed Jobs.
I tried solution like Restarting the Agent, but still getting same issue.
Could you please look into this issue.

We are facing the same issues; any workaround to generate reports?

Update on the topic:
For us the reporting of the jobs is went back to normal. There are new generated reports for the latest runs. Thanks for those who worked on the fix.

@endre.szabo how can this issue fixed for you ?. For me i’m still not getting latest reports.

The Android platform jobs seem back to normal now and can generate the test reports.
But for the iOS platform, jobs, still can NOT generate the test reports after run completely.