Reports are not getting generated in from Morning

Looks like the results/reports are not getting generated after test executions since Morning.
I have ran multiple jobs and scripts, reports are not shown in Reports and Monitor screens.

Anyone else seeing the same issue?


yes we are also facing same issue , till yesterday it was working fine , but from today morning it’s not working.


We also have the same issue, no reports are saved so error detection not possible for the running tests !

same issue for me. report is not working. I deleted all previous reports and also re install agent, but seems like still not working.
here is a log file. seems like report endpoint return 503 error. I removed my projectID and executionID

Combined 1 reports for execution xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2022-11-28T00:40:57.8834270Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:57.882 e[34m[INFO ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.w.b Starting reports uploading…
2022-11-28T00:40:57.8852071Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:57.884 e[34m[INFO ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p There are 1 execution reports pending to be uploaded
2022-11-28T00:40:57.8928347Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:57.891 e[34m[INFO ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p Initiating upload for execution report xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2022-11-28T00:40:57.8948568Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:57.894 e[34m[INFO ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p Finished reporting task
2022-11-28T00:40:58.0586241Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:58.057 e[34m[INFO ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p Submitting report for execution xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2022-11-28T00:40:58.6439552Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:58.642 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.a.d POST - 503 (null): No Message
2022-11-28T00:40:58.6472766Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:58.644 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.a.c POST - 503 (null): null
2022-11-28T00:40:58.6485468Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:58.647 e[31m[WARN ]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.b.h Failed sending report:
2022-11-28T00:40:59.2209023Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.219 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.a.d POST - 503 (null): No Message
2022-11-28T00:40:59.2212506Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.220 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.a.c POST - 503 (null): null
2022-11-28T00:40:59.2216432Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.220 e[31m[WARN ]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.b.h Failed sending report:
2022-11-28T00:40:59.7904872Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.787 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.a.d POST - 503 (null): No Message
2022-11-28T00:40:59.7908496Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.788 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.a.c POST - 503 (null): null
2022-11-28T00:40:59.7911208Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.788 e[31m[WARN ]e[0;39m i.t.a.b.b.h Failed sending report:
2022-11-28T00:40:59.7913410Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.789 e[31m[WARN ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p All 3 attempts to upload report for execution xxxxxxxxxxxx have failed
2022-11-28T00:40:59.7954362Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.791 e[1;31m[ERROR]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p Failed to submit report
2022-11-28T00:40:59.7957394Z e[36mtestproject-agent |e[0m 2022-11-28 00:40:59.791 e[34m[INFO ]e[0;39m i.t.a.m.d.p Deleting execution folder xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yes, I am also having issues with the reporting.
Last night my regression tests ran, and I only have very few reports.
Now no test seems to be able to generate a report.

I am also facing the same issue from morning, still it is the same for me.
Do you guys able to see the reports now?

On our end it has started working.

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Now reports are getting generated !!

In our case, the reports still do not appear, I am from Lima Peru.
I just tried about 5 minutes ago…

Not every reports is generated

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same for me. only generated 5 reports and then it was stop with same error . Error 503

the report generation is very unstable, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…

still not working for me , even after i restarted the agent !

For me its still the same, I tried restarting the agent as well

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Still reports are not working

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Reports are still not being generated correctly. Sometimes they are and other times they are not.
Really annoying when you are trying to run your regression tests.

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Same issue for me as well for today.

Our team is also facing this issue today….

Anyone able to get the reports? If so please help us getting the logs.
I tried restarting the Agent and re-registering the agent as well, but no success

When executed 8 jobs reports are generated only for 4 jobs