Report only showing links to screenshot

Hi guys, as of a few days ago our full pdf reports started to only show screenshot links with expiry dates instead of the actual screenshots. Is there any way to revert or fix this?

Performed on TestAgent version 3.4.2

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Hi @michael.matusowsky1,
The new reports generator is generating reports with a link to download screenshot that expires after a week, if you need a report with screenshots after that time you can download a new report and you will get a new expiration date,

Currently, the reports generator with a link is final and cant revert back.

We do have a ticket (TP-16981) with a new request to revert back to the old generator without links, you will be notified if implemented.

Hi Tal, it is not an ideal situation for reports to show links in my opinion as our project managers expect to see screenshots in the generated reports as proof of success or proof of failures and it is a really bad user experience to have to click every link that is generated instead of seeing all the screenshots in one report for each step that a screenshot was generated for.

I really do hope this change is reverted or at the very least, if other people requested the links, make it an option to include screenshots in the report or to include links instead. Taking the feature away entirely has affected our company, the largest telecommunications company in South Africa which is part of Vodafone group, in a sense that we are thinking of moving away from TestProject as our automation solution due to this change as the executive director of digital engineering has been giving us grief regarding the lack of screenshots in the reports.

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Hello @michael.matusowsky1, thank you for bringing this to us!

I want to assure you that we are always in touch with our community and do our best to provide the best possible experience. As TestProject is a free tool, in some cases, not everyone is 100% pleased with everything. We are taking this very seriously, and I can tell you that in the nearest future, the screenshots will be reinstated along with some significant performance improvements.

For now, I can suggest using the online version of the report, which has everything in it. You can easily invite the relevant people to your account and send the link to the report. If the proposed solution is, for some reason, not acceptable, we will be glad to have a quick session and discuss possible alternatives.

Hello, @eldar @Tal.Efraim,
The report generator still includes screenshot links in the report.
Can you guys please let us know when these changes will be reverted back to the old report generator without links?

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