Report is not generate

I run a parallel test in testproject but when test finish not appear in last executions so I do not manage to see nothing about the test result.
What I have to do?


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@eldar the missing reports issue from last week is back again. Can you please look into this? Thanks

@eldar hello, also if I try to execute a serial job with only one test when it finish I do not find it in last executions so I haven’t any informations.

I am facing the same issue, no reports load at all. Not even when just one test is executed. We had some missing the last week, but now no report at all is there.


Reports are not generating for the last executions

Hello @eldar, could you please give as same updates about this issue?

thank you

Hello @eldar, could you please give as same updates about report issue?

thank you

Hello @m.sassi. There is no update yet. The team is doing it’s best to fix the issue.

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Reports have not generated since last Friday (09Dec2022). This occurs when we execute scheduled jobs & individual tests.

This wont get resolved as the test project wont be available for us from march. If you need the results now you can run them locally.

Hi, how do I get a report when running locally?

The reports will be downloaded into your local storage

It’s strange, I don’t have a folder with reports here