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Replace funtion on record test


How can I replace or delete space in a text using recorder mode?


Get Text $ 123.456
Replace (" ", “”)
Text output = $123.456


Hello @edsoncorvo7 , thanks for reaching out to us.
I have created a small script for you that trims all white spaces in a given text.
Please go to your addon page, create a new addon, reach the manifest part, generate a manifest ( on need to select anything ) and send the manifest here (Keep the window of the upload open).
After that I will upload a Jar for you to download and upload as an addon.

Hello @ran.tzur

I need you to back one step, click generate manifest and send the manifest here.


Download this Jar and upload it at the next window.

Hello @ran.tzur

The incorrect addon guid error will appear if you close this addon upload menu after generating the manifest, causing the guid to change the next time you open said menu.

You will need to create the jar file again using a different manifest, and please make sure not to close that menu before finishing the upload process.

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Hello @david.goichman

Ok, Thanks

But It’s weird because I didn’t close the window at any time.