Replace app at Job level.

Currently, when the test cases are moved inside a Job ,it runs against the app which is linked for each test cases . We use different versions of the app while developing the script ,hence we will have to change the app for each test case . There should be an option to add/replace the apps at job level so all my test cases inside a job can run against the latest build.

Hi @it.dishantrawat,
Applications are meant to link to tests.
Having the option to link applications at a job level may cause false test results.
You can use one of these methods to change the app to all of your tests:

  1. When linking an application to the test set TestProject to retrieve the app from your device.
    Then, manually change app’s version in your device.

  2. Upload the app’s file (APK/IPA) and let Tests Use the file stored in TestProject.
    You can the app’s file from the ‘Applications’ tab to change versions.